What To Get Your Husband For Christmas 2017?

What to get your husband for Christmas this year 2017? Don’t worry, we are here to help you choose the perfect Christmas gift for your husband!

It’s the season many are waiting for! The time for the celebration of hope, joy and love, Christmas is coming! The best time for giving!

It is time to start looking for a gift for your loved ones, especially for the man in your life. You want a gift that will be perfect to express your love for your husband. But you are not quiet sure what to get for him.

YOU SPEND A LOT OF TIME and care and thought and effort trying to come up with exactly the right gift for your man. But as you do, consider something that’s well-known but often overlooked—that men quite definitely are different than women!

So, what are the best gifts for men?

The answer is incredibly simple…Get what he really need.

Don’t try to get him heart-shaped chocolates or a pair of fleecy pink slippers. Do avoid the thought that what says “romance” to you is not likely to be what says “romance” to him.

If your husband gave you a new cordless power drill, that might well not say “romance.” But if he’s wanting one, and you give one to him, just possibly, the romance center in his brain will light up. And who knows what could happen then?

After all, your man is unique, of course, so what he yearns for will not always be the same as every other man. You are discerning and intuitive, though, so keep your ears on and your radar scanning him…and you’ll find clues to the kinds of things he gets pumped about.

Here are some suggestions you can consider to make finding that special gift for your partner an exciting and inspiring affair, whatever his interest, passion and hobbies are.

What To Get Your Husband For Christmas 2017 ?

Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Jacket – Closeout

This barrier jacket will suit your hubby if he loves ourdoor sports like cycling. It is lightweight and more packable than rain jacket so there is no hassle in taking it all the time and it is more protective than a windbreaker keeping him safer.

It is built of breathable, yet weather-resistant polyester blend in order to protect from the elements without letting him experience any heat buildup. The moisture is transported through the fabric to keep him dry while the tall collar fights off gusts of wind. The reflective accents increase the visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.

There is also a pocket at the back that keeps everything accessible. The Elite Barrier Jacket is available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Black, Screaming Yellow, True Red, Electric Blue, and Petrol Blue/cherry tomato.

Panasonic ES8249K Electric Shaver

YOU CAN DIVIDE MEN UP A LOT of different ways: boxers or briefs, lace-ups or loafers, and of course—straight razor or electric shaver.

Straight razor shaving, also called “manual” or “wet” shaving, uses a razor with replaceable blades, or—more often today—a disposable razor plus shaving cream. If your man is one of these, skip this item and check another gift option here on the site.

But if your guy uses an electric shaver—and especially if he needs a new or better one—take a really good look at this one from Panasonic. Electric shavers just keep getting better, adding more features and especially, shaving closer and with less skin irritation.

Now, if we’re talking features, get a load of what the Panasonic ES8249K can do to help your man look his best after this daily chore (and you too know what a drag shaving can be…you just shave different places than we do).

Canon EOS Rebel T2i

RANKING AT OR NEAR THE TOP of Amazon’s “Most Wished For” list in “Digital SLR Cameras” is Canon’s top-of-the-line Rebel model—the EOS Rebel T2i.

The EOS Rebel T2i (United States and Canada called the Kiss X4 in Japan and the 550D elsewhere), is the new king of the EOS Rebel world. Why do we think your man might like it? Well, for one thing, we’re guys…and those of us into photography really, really like it! So must a lot of us, since it’s so high on the “most wished for” list.

Want to give him a quality camera that takes amazing 18-megapixel photos at 3.7 frames per second—but also takes stunning full-HD videos? This is the one!

Tommy Hilfiger Eau De Cologne Spray for Men

Almost every man you come across considers their dressing is complete after spraying good smelling cologne and the Tommy Hilfiger Eau De Toilette is one of the most preferred cologne that men prefer. So, if your husband has got a collection of branded colognes then you can gift him this item on Christmas to add on to his collection.

Joshua & Sons Men’s JS-28-03 Diamond Chronograph Quartz Watch

This impressive diamond quartz watch features stainless steel construction, with diamonds crystals. Joshua & Sons watch is not just a luxurious gift you can buy for your husband, but is also reliable timepiece that is quite durable. Its dial is protected with shatter-resistant krysterna while the dial window is made of synthetic Sapphire.

It has gold-toned hands that pass through the diamond hour marker with numbers in roman numerals. It also includes chronograph functions such as 60 second timer, 60 minute timer and a date window. Joshua & Sons Men’s JS-28-03 Diamond Chronograph Quartz Watch is water resistant to 165 feet or 50 M, thus your husband can check the time and even look good wearing it while showering or swimming.


Xbox One with Kinect (Day One Edition)

The Xbox is for the game lovers and if your husband is one of them then you can certainly consider this to be an option to gift him this Christmas. This console basically includes a controller. This console is armed with a CPU, GPU, and an 8 GB RAM. All these factors are able to deliver, agility, speed, and power.

Cuisinart CGG-200 Tabletop Gas Grill

YES, WE’RE CRUISING INTO winter now, but even winter has days when you get the itch for cookin’ up some “vittles” out back on the patio—and if you’re into NASCAR or playoff sports, tailgating parties DO go on. When it comes to outdoor food ‘n fun, nothing beats this sweet tabletop grill from Cuisinart.

If you leave one of these under his tree this Christmas, not only will see what a happy guy looks like, but both of you can enjoy the grilling life as winter gives way to spring and summer.

This grill isn’t the size of a small truck, so it’s easy to move around, easy to use, and easy to clean. You can crank out an entire meal — veggies, burgers, the works — with sauces and seasonings and everything you need to feed your hungry bunch.

Tumi Alpha 2 Expandable Organizer Computer Brief

Your Husband will keep his office paraphernalia organized and can carry them wherever he goes using this briefcase case by Tumi.

This expandable organizer computer brief is made of 100% Nylon with u-zip pockets, waterproof pockets, front zip pockets, back zip pocket and open pocket to place his files, laptop and other things he need to carry around.

It also has embossed leather carry handles, removable adjustable articulating shoulder strap, inside removable, padded computer sleeve, padded tablet pocket, open pockets, card pockets, pen loops and key leash to keep these items secure and organized.

The case fits a laptop, legal pad, iPad, umbrella, chargers and it has a water bottle pouch. The main compartment is expandable and can fit a toiletry kit and even a shirt for overnight use.

Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Knife

“NOW THAT’S A KNIFE,” said Crocodile Dundee. Well, this one is, for sure, a KNIFE! In fact, it’s such a great knife that it’s at or near the top of the “most wished for” in its category on Amazon.

One reason among others? This Bear Grylls knife is a survival knife, meaning that it does a whole lot more than just “cut stuff.” Out in the wild, it can start a fire for you, has an emergency whistle, a diamond blade sharpener, and a hilt pommel that can do some serious pounding.

Yeah, yeah…we know. When you gals hear “Gerber,” your minds go to a totally different place than do men who think about fine knives. But trust us, this is a whole ‘nuther kind of “baby.” This is as far from bland pablum as you can get in the known universe.

Chicago Rocker Recliner

WHAT IS IT WITH MEN and recliners? Well, first of all, we like to think that since we work so doggone hard, we’re “entitled” to be lazy afterward. Second, most of us have a secret “king” complex and think we’re also entitled to our very own throne, thank you very much. No other kind of chair quite cuts it, when it comes to watching TV while snarfing down popcorn, pizza, and a favorite drink. The Big Game just isn’t the same unless watched from a big, comfy, overstuffed recliner. This one—from Chicago Chair Company—is exactly what any evening “couch potato”-guy or “weekend warrior” needs and wants. Nice brown leather, and when you lean back, the footrest extends as it should on any good recliner.

You may think it to be very difficult to find a gift for your man, but you can be rest assured it is certainly not. All you need to do is to find the right kind of gift for him. Yes, keep in mind his preference, his like and certainly his hobbies.