What Do I Want for Christmas 2017 – Get Your Family and Friends Gifts You Won’t Forget This Christmas

It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas! To gift yourself and loved ones memorable experiences, you’ll have to do more than splash cliché presents. What brings joy to your grandparents, parents, and kids? For a start, everyone can participate in coming up with a wish list, everything turns out a whole lot better.

What Do I Want For Christmas?

We all have vastly different ideas of ideal Christmas gifts. During the festive season, emotions will likely cloud your mind, tricking you into focusing too much on the fears, prejudices, and costs. There’s never a better time to ask, what do I want for Christmas? Time is on your side!

What Do I Want for Christmas 2017?

As the holiday season beckons, here are several fun activities you could gift your family with:

A Time Capsule

As a special time of year when families get together, capturing these precious moments will be rewarding for years to come! Your grandparents will particularly love having recordings of all family members; short interviews on a high-quality digital camera will suffice.

Printing photos and creating photo albums is a fun activity you can all participate in. Being a time capsule, a superior camera will make it easier for you to edit and produce impeccable quality. Many years later, you can all get together and relive the best Christmas you had then!

Memories Are More Precious Than Gifts

Over the years, I have understood the importance of having memories to cherish; coming from a large family, we rarely have time to meet and catch up. I made a photo album of my entire family and my grandparents were more than happy to have it. It’s a beautiful way to relive experiences.

If you have not put yours together yet, a camcorder will give you many photo processing and editing options. For my grandparents, collecting old photos and touching them up was much appreciated!

Festive Poker Night

For an average American family, playing cards and poker is a fun activity. This Christmas, why not make it part of the itinerary? The home environment is the best to learn and enjoy poker risk-free, the younger adults can join in too. You will all learn the healthy pitfalls and possibly develop superior poker skills!

Basic Requirements

With a standard poker chip set, you’re ready to go. It typically contains 300 to 500 chips. Besides the dealer button, it comes with small and big blind buttons; two playing cards decks complete the stack. All these items are securely organized in a compact case. Other accessories you might need include:

  • Timer
  • Poker table top
  • Card shuffler

Positive Experience

Playing poker at home during Christmas gives you a rare opportunity to impart family expectations and values while enjoying a unique experience. Even beyond the season, you will have something new to do occasionally. Far from the fun, poker with the family is a healthy time to bond and unwind; it can’t be nearly as serious as in the casinos.

Do something exceptional this Christmas by introducing a new fun activity in the family, you never know, you might discover a new talent!

Sports Event

Christmas is as good a time of year as any to take part in competitive but fun family events. Depending on your arrangement, you can have several sports activities happening simultaneously or one at a time. Any sports equipment you already have at home can be turned into a healthy challenge, giving adults and children a refreshing experience.

How to Do It

To start off, you could do a short race to warm up. Apart from providing the thrill of trying to outdo each other, sports can be adopted as a way to keep fit and healthy. To make it even more fun, why not include presents for all the winners?

A fitness watch, apart from taking accurate readings and transforming this into actionable information, is a thoughtful Christmas gift; the best ones have companion apps through which a user receives real-time information on their health state.

In the Christmas spirit, keep your drinks chills and fire up your barbecue as the events get underway. The whole family can then snack on the treats as you relive the experience. All through the competition, don’t forget t have fun!

An Action-Packed Holiday

We all have excuses for not going on family vacations; they range from lack of enough money’ to overwhelming work. During this holiday season, take time off all life’s pressures and spend quality time with your family at home or away. When you plan for it well, it doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive.

Relax and Unwind

On a normal day, you and your children face a lot of challenging tasks; the moment you go back home, more commitments and chores await you. Going on a family holiday takes you away from this monotonous routine

There are many economy-friendly travel packages on several online platforms; you are bound to find a perfect fit for you in no time. When traveling, you will need to pack all your necessities and documents for a hassle-free vacation. A spinner trolley luggage bag has adequate room for all your outfits and important documents to fit in.

Create Fond Memories

You will definitely take videos and photos of your Christmas vacation, put these together in a photo album or documentary of sorts. Years later, you will reminisce on the unforgettable time you had together and probably redo it!


Christmas is a time to try out new things; going on an adventure is highly rewarding. Perhaps you don’t even need to go far. Have you ever explored the nature trail or the nearby park? Families are at their best when exploring new adventures together. You’ll feel very aware of your environment and full of life!

Restore Your Sense and Put Things Back Into Perspective

Have you ever felt dissatisfied looking out into nature in its abundance? I’m guessing not. Nature has a way of calming our minds and bodies, bringing them back to order. This would be the perfect Christmas gift for your family, there’s so much to learn about and explore!

As a fun activity set aside enough time to rest and talk about whatever. Why not make your stay more comfortable by carrying along a camping hammock? You can enjoy comfort once you spot the lushest location.

The older we grow, the less playful we become, a family adventure this Christmas will definitely turn this around. You will naturally act more care-free and open up. It’s never too early to teach your children the simple but most rewarding pleasures in life.

Get It Right

You are naturally inclined to pick gifts that best suit your family members, you know their likes and dislikes. When coming up with this comprehensive Christmas gifting guide, the answer varied due to the different personalities, occupations, hobbies, and age.

Your gift choice is a way of showing your loved ones what you really think about and wish for them; if you place yourselves in each family member’s shoes, you will have a better insight on what they expect from you.

Most importantly, don’t forget that it’s all about the fun! Christmas, a time to share love, is fast approaching. Are you well prepared? Let us know how we can help in the comment section.

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