Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend’s Parents 2017

Christmas is a perfect time for making new relations, if you are among those boys who is planning to meet your girlfriend’s parents this Christmas, you are not going to meet them empty handed. So, you have come to a right place as here we are going to mention some affordable as well as unique gift items that you could take along with you for your girlfriend’s parent and which is going to help you in getting the perfect start with your future in laws.

What all can you choose?

You can find a lot of items in the market for gifting to your girl’s parents, however, if you really want to impress and not just gift an item to them, you might have to be a bit choosy and pick out the gifts depending upon their interest. You can always ask you girlfriend about their likes and dislikes and then go for the think that you think will be loved by them. In addition to that you can also pick two different items, one for her father and one for her mother. Also you can also gift them a single item but make sure that it could be used by both of them and is not very cheap. Here we are going to assist you in all the three manners and tell you some of the most common yet unique presents that you can by for your girlfriend’s parents.

Christmas Gifts For Girlfriends Parents 2017

For Girlfriend’s Mom

For the Homemaker Mom

All mothers appreciate a gift that will allow them to practically be able to take care of their families and if your girlfriend’s mother is one who can be described as a homemaker mom, she may greatly appreciate some of the gifts listed below.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

Even if she already has one, a good juice extractor is an appliance that should never be lacking from an active kitchen and any woman would appreciate the Breville JE98XL Juice Extractor.  This juicing machine is not overly large so it shouldn’t take up too much space in her kitchen and it is easy to use producing very fast results. Most of the juicer’s parts are dishwasher friendly which makes it easy to clean. This is especially good news for the very busy mom.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan

This is one gift that will earn you her mother’s approval. The much celebrated Nespresso Pixie is every coffee lover’s ultimate gift and should come in handy if her family is almost obsessive about their morning coffee.  The machine is easy to use with the coffee brew being ready in just under 30 seconds.  Its features include backlight indicators, auto-power off, a used capsule container, water level detection as well as convenient power cord storage.

For the Fashionable Mom

Kattee Urban Style Women’s Genuine Leather Shoulder Tote Bag

This bag is designed for the practical as well as a stylish woman and the fact that it is made of genuine leather means that you can expect it to be durable.  The bag has a long shoulder strap for added comfort and practicability and will come in a variety of colors including black, dark blue or brown.  Its many compartments enable the user to carry as many different things as possible while remaining organized.

kate spade new york Goldtone Metro 5 O’Clock Somewhere Black Leather Watch

Watches are perfect gift items to be given at any occasion. A watch is fashionable as well as a thing that is really going to help her in day to day life. You could offer her a watch in gold or silver finish if she likes, you might as your girlfriend about that. Also you could find a decent as well as elegant watch at reasonable prices. We have given a link to an excellent watch you can gift her this Christmas, just click here.

For Shopping Enthusiast Mom eGift Cards

It is a universal fact that almost 99 percent of women love shopping. No doubt your girlfriend’s mom is also one of them. It is for sure that nothing makes a woman as happy as shopping. For such ladies a shopping voucher or a shopping gift card is going to work wonders. A shopping card actually gives you a freedom to get what you want and not what other wish to give you. An online shopping voucher will be perfect for her, but make sure that you take more than one for her because multiple small shopping vouchers are always better than one. Also you can choose the value of the voucher that you want to gift, so there is no need to dig a hole in your pocket, you can get shopping vouchers from here.

For Home Décor Enthusiasts

Abstract Canvas Painting, Modern Wall Art, Limited Edition

If your girl’s mother is a home décor enthusiast and likes to keep her house clean and attractive, there is nothing more than an art work that she would like to make her walls prettier. A beautiful piece of art hanging on the wall is something that attracts eyes of each and every visitor. Gifting her something that will be praised by other is definitely going to give her a lot of joy. Her is an art work that she is definitely going to love on her walls. This abstract oil painting is going to suit every wall and will definitely be the center of attraction of her dining or guest room. You can get this oil painting for her from here.

Metal Wall Art, Modern Home Decor, Abstract Wall Sculpture Contemporary

This amazing wall art sculpture is an amazing gift that you can gift to her mother for home décor. The sculpture is really big and will cover one complete wall offering it a different as well as unique look. The whole wall are is aluminum construction and has been textured and sanded by hands. 24 x 64 inch in dimension, you can buy it from here to gift it to your girlfriend’s parents on Christmas.

Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend’s Father

For your girlfriend’s dad, your choice in Christmas gifts should be no less practical although it may actually be easier to buy him a gift since you know what you would want- you are a man after all. That said it is however very important to note his preferences and what he may enjoy doing as these may be important clues to the kind of gift would be best. Here are a few ideas.

A Professional Father

Invicta Men’s 6412 Python Collection Stainless Steel Watch with Link Bracelet

A watch may seem like an easy gift but the kind of watch that you choose will make all the difference. This watch is fairly inexpensive without compromising on features and design.  It is available in black and uses the precise Swiss- quarts movement.  Some of its other features include a chronograph function that includes a 60 second, 30minute  and day of the week subdials with a date function. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Nautica Men’s Two-Button Center-Vent Navy Blazer

Blazer, Coat or a Sweater is another versatile product that you can gift your to be father in law this Christmas. A blazer or a coat is a thing which all of us use in a function, in our offices or parties. A great blazer is a thing that he will love to wear every time he steps out of his door. Similar to tie, you need to pick out the one which goes with most of the shirts. Also make sure to ask your girlfriend about his size. Here is Nautica’s Navy colored blazer for med that will enhance his personality wherever he goes.

Floto Luggage Milano Duffle Bag

This duffel bag is designed with the highest quality of Italian Calfskin leather. Other features include steam stitched designs, reinforced handles, and an embossed name. It also comes in different colors.

A Tech Loving Father

Amazon Kindle

Everybody knows that men are gadget lovers. A tablet, a kindle device or a digital photo frame are amazing Christmas gifts that you can give to him. You can buy an Amazon Kindle device for him from here.

Canon PowerShot SX20IS

A Digital Camera is a perfect choice if your girlfriend’s father is in love with technology as well as family. A digital camera is multipurpose; it could be used for capturing memorable family photos as well as if your girlfriend’s father love travelling or adventure, this small digital camera is always going to serve as a perfect companion for him. You can get a perfect digital camera for her father from here.


For the Working Dad

Knife King “Snowdown Hunter” Custom Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife 

This serrated knife is the hunting knife and has features that are designed to make it practical, useful and very handy. It comes with a rubber grip and striking surface butt cap for easy handling.  It is the perfect gift for the dad who enjoys hunting but also takes their sport very seriously and the fact that it also comes with an integrated fire starter with integrated diamond sharpener shows that it is a must have for any outdoorsman.  It is a knife that is ideally used for bushcraft activities.

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver Kit

If your man is kind of the person who enjoy tinkering around the house, this volt drill and driver kit will be an exciting gift. It is cordless, compact and lightweight thus your dad will not get easily tired moving around using this, but will have more fun doing his hobby. It has dual speed to fit his project requirements. Already included in a Dewalt DC970K-2 18-volt drill/driver kit are one 1/2-inch compact drill-driver, two 18-volt NiCAD batteries, one one-hour charger, and one contractor bag.

Christmas Gifts For Both Mom And Dad

2014 Elway’s Reserve Carneros Chardonnay 750ml Wine

I need not to mention here what you need to take with you if her parents love wine. A perfect flavored alcoholic or non-alcoholic wine will be perfect to drink on Christmas if her parents love it. It would do nothing but enhance the taste of your relationship with them. Here is 2014 Elway’s Reserve Carneros Chardonnay 750ml Wine which you might consider to gift them this Christmas.

ONEHOPE California Reds Mixed Pack

You can bring wine as Christmas gift. Wine or champagne. Not sophisticated like signature wine or vintage one. Just bring table wine it’s enough.

The kind of wine that you can look and buy on wine house or in local market. Online store that specification on selling wine also can be a way to buy it. But if you want to make a big impression and have lot of amount on your bank account.

That’s nothing wrong on looking for vintage one like dom perignon, bourdeaux, or any other. Vintage one can be looking on auction house, online by wine collector connection or some of wine house also prepare it or will give you a service to look for the wine that you looking for.

Ultimate Berries – Assortment Gift – 12 piece

This kind is for the urgent one. The one that you can look and buy before you go to your girlfriend house. You just drop by the cakery on the way to your girlfriend house. Cakery always prepares any type of cake that you can buy immediately.

Some of local store sometime also prepare it to be buy. Is the same for the cookies. Some of local store sell it on following of the season. Some of it already had been pack as parcel that contains much type of cookies that ready to be brought.

If you want do some effort you can order it on cakery for a kind of cake that you want before you bring it to your girlfriend house. But make sure you order it long before the holiday time. Some of cakery maybe will be fully ordered.

Some of cakery also gives delivery service that can send it right way to your girlfriend house. Your order will be beautifully pack and with greeting card that ready to send.

As for the plan to order it make sure that you order it long before holiday time. Because they may be fully book and cannot sent your order on time.

For regular day some cakery will offer one or two day service for the ordinary cake that they sell every day. For custom cake they will accept from 3(three) to one week order.

If on holiday time make sure you order it not less than two weeks to make sure they can receive you order and deliver it on time.

A Romantic Dinner Voucher

Which couple does not like a romantic dinner?  Similarly you could also offer a romantic diner voucher to her parents at a special restaurant in your town. I am sure they are really going to love it. It will be better if you plan it for them around the New Year time, have a special table booked for them and special meal at the night time. Such kind of special dinner vouchers are one of the best gifts that you can give to a couple on an occasion. For getting the dinner coupons or vouchers, you need to contact your local restaurants.

Tickets to a Show

This is another great idea to give private time to your girlfriend’s parents. Every couple needs to spend some special time with each other, and what could be more special that a perfect night with some entertainment. So get them a ticket to some show that they will enjoy in order to give them a break from the daily tiring chores.

Thoughtful Gift For Mom and Dad

Are you still looking for the thoughtful gift for your girlfriend’s parent, then don’t miss this one. These are special couples t-shirts that you should give for your girlfriend’s parents for Christmas. They would be very grateful for that.


The list does not end here as you can find a lot more items if you search on the internet. These were just some of the best items that you could get. Apart from the things mentioned above, you can present them some luxurious items too if it fits your budget. Tanking her whole family out on a dinner or a picnic is also an amazing idea that could be counted as a surprise gift to. All you have to do is to take them at some places that your give them a relief and a cheerful face at the end of the day.

In addition to that, in the whole mess of getting the gifts for her parents, do not forget to get a small gift for her too. No doubt it will turn her angry if you turn up to his house with gifts for her whole family but nothing for her.

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